Mondays In MMORPGS World Versus Game

Mondays in MMORPGs – World Versus Game

One of the most endearing components of a great tabletop experience is the ability for players to lose themselves in the world they are playing. Similarly, any great roleplaying game (Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Baldur’s Gate, any of the Elder Scrolls games) can draw you in with its immersion. But when it comes to […]

Mondays in MMORPGs Ep 7

Mondays in MMORPGs – Play Nice Policies

From using racial slurs against other players, to kill stealing and camp stealing, from bashing someone’s mother, to deliberately training another player or group in order to make them wipe, MMORPGs are filled with examples of toxic behavior. While at one point in time games used to enforce play nice policies, the economics of big […]

Mondays In MMORPGs Ep 6

Mondays in MMORPGs – Naming Policies

From names like Puffmaster or Gandalfff that just don’t quite fit, to offensive names like Fisturmom or Babykillr, MMORPGs are rife with examples of bad nomes de plum. Once upon a time in the golden age before profits became the only concern, companies actually took the time to uphold naming policies, at least to weed […]

What's New In Early Access #9

What’s New In Early Access #9

As has become the tradition here on the Saga of Lucimia MMORPG, we like to preface each pre-alpha build with a list of new features, while also keeping players focused on the mechanics that we need them testing for a particular iteration. Remember, our early access isn’t a preview or a “let’s play” beta: it’s […]

Mondays In MMORPGs Ep 5

Mondays In MMORPGs – Storylines & Quests

A great story is something that can be handed down and remain entertaining and relevant regardless of how many variants are told or how many generations pass. And while there have been a handful of MMORPGs which have done a good job of handling story, the vast majority of them have traded in their storylines […]