Mondays In MMORPG EP 2

Mondays in MMORPGS – Microtransactions (and why we don’t have them)

Microtransactions – the most lucrative way to line investor’s pockets and generate profit in the current gaming landscape. Also, an oft-hated system. While the cash shop model has risen to prominence in the past decade, to the point where the vast majority of MMORPGs have shunned the subscription model in favor of larger profits, it […]

Mondays In MMORPG EP 1

Mondays In MMORPGs – The Milk Run

When you look at the overall evolution of the MMORPG industry in the past 20 years (give or take a few for the sake of my white hairs), you’ll see a gradual “dumbing down” of the challenge and commitment levels required by games. In the early days you had the extreme of “only group content”, […]

2017 Team Meeting Recap

The 2017 Austin Meetup Recap

Exhausted + Exhilarated. Those are two words that I would use to describe my current state of being. I’ve barely slept since we arrived in Austin at around midnight on the 18th, and as we prepare for our flight back to the home office in Cancun (where we are promptly heading out to Ireland to […]

What's New In Early Access #8

What’s New In Early Access #8

It’s been a few months since our last build, and the team has been hard at work bringing you the latest iteration.¬†Before you dig into this post, we’d love it if you take a look at the last blog post from Early Access #7 and take a look at how much things have changed between […]

What's New

What’s New In Early Access #7

It’s always a difficult time when you are starved for information during a “dark” period. Waiting for Mass Effect: Andromeda to launch was sooooo painful in terms of wanting to see more leading up to the release. So when we went dark at the end of 2016 for holidays and prepping the spring build (a […]