Day & Night Cycle + Latitude & Longitude


Day & Night Cycle + Latitude & Longitude

While day and night cycles are common in games, we’re working on a variety of features that will help the Saga of Lucimia be more than just another game. Instead, we want our world to be as real as possible. One of the things we’re doing is working on a unique day/night cycle that also takes into account the latitute/longitude of the world.

Later on, this will also play into weather, and seasons, with different latitute and longitudes having different season, and of course, their own unique weather cycles.

Framework for the day/night cycle is coming along nicely.  At this point each zone will have a single variable (Latitude) dictating the movement of the sun throughout the year.  Taking into account the tilt of the planet, the sun’s altitude above the horizon will move from the lowest point (winter solstice) –>  mid point (spring equinox) –> highest point (summer solstice) –> mid point (autumnal equinox) –> back to the lowest point.

This will add a nice dynamic to each zone for two primary reasons: 1) day/night lengths will vary depending on the season & latitude, 2) different sun angles throughout the year will cast different shadows giving the zones a slightly different feel depending on the season.

We can also assign zones to have negative latitudes which will cause the seasons to be reversed when compared to those in the northern hemisphere. This will come into play when we start adding in the expansion content later on with Volume II and beyond, eventually working our way to Sunaria.

The next step will be generalizing the methods to work with different celestial objects (moon/planets/etc) and implementing it directly into the zones.

Stay tuned!