Development Sitrep February 14th 2015


Development Sitrep February 14th 2015

Assholes and elbows. That’s what we’ve been up to our eyeballs in for the past week. Things are full-speed ahead with development, and while this week was short on anything “exciting” in terms of new reveals, it was a busy week for us when we got a lot of things done behind the scenes, things which you’ll get to see here in the next week or so as we wind down to the end of February.

First up: tshirts from our first crowdfunding campaign shipped this past week. Keep an eye on the mail, as you’ll be getting yours shortly. From there, don’t forget that while every shirt comes with pre-alpha access for two months, you only get the five invite codes for your friends if you take a selfie in a public place, publish it on social media with the hashtag #sagaoflucimia, and then send us that selfie to

While Emma’s design was the first one we ran with in the “Length of Rope” series after you, the community, voted, we’ll be doing a similar campaign for Nick Lepperd’s Whitehall shirt and Joe’s Mutton shirt later in February and March, respectively. So if you didn’t get a chance to get a shirt the first time around, you’ll have two more chances to pick one up before pre-alpha starts.

Speaking of which, have you caught the latest videos of what myself and my brother have been working on as far as zone development goes? First up is is Joey’s zone, which is the actual pre-alpha zone that players will be logging into.

It’s a smaller area, primarily designed for testing; rather than the full 3k by 3k size, this area is 1k by 1k, and it’s where we’ll be testing mechanics, combat, skills, crafting, harvesting and beyond for the next couple of years before pushing things live to the rest of the zones.

So, when you guys and girls are joining us here in the next few weeks, this is where you’ll be exploring and helping us test. Eventually, this will turn into our free trial for the live version of the game. From there, if you want to play the full game, a purchase + subscription have to be made.

Meanwhile, I’ve been dipping my toes into the zone design side of things in the past couple of weeks as well now that we have our new assets in place.

This zone is the traditional 3k by 3k that will be the minimum size on all of the zones in the Saga of Lucimia. If you caught last week’s video, I was talking about how these are the zones that will take you an hour or so to run through if you stick to the path, and a few hours to get through (minimum) if you are off the path and fighting your way through while exploring.

Meanwhile, it will take you 20 or more hours if you want to fully explore every nook and cranny of a zone, uncovering all the hidden dungeons and ruins and hermits living out in the wildnerness and strange creatures and treasure and more.

My video covers a small camp just outside of a cavern entrance. It represents what players will be setting up along their journeys as caravan waypoints. Here, you’ll be regenerating hitpoints, repairing armor, hunting for food, preparing your weapons and skills, resting, and having a “base of operations” while you are out on campaigns.

Camps can be moved with the player party, and you will eventually be able to set traps and other defensive measures on the perimeters to fend off wandering mobs and random encounters. Camps will also be tied into our caravan system, which allows groups of players an easy way to meet up every night while out in the wilds, even if someone misses a session or two. More on this later.

As you can see, this week was a busy one. The coding team is kicking ass and taking names, and we’re going to be giving you guys a video update in the very near future to show you what everything looks like when we combine the efforts of everyone working together.

On a final note, this week also saw the arrival of Chapter Four in The Story So Far. Derin’s adventure continues, as he finally comes face to face with The Raven…and a spectre from the past.

Chapter Four