Development Sitrep February 21st 2015


Development Sitrep February 21st 2015

Moving right along! This week was another “heads down, asses up” as we focus on putting your money to good use. Joey delivered the latest draft pass on the pre-alpha testing zone (dubbed The Training Camp), and he’s got about one more week to go before he’s “done” with it. Which also means that Tim Schoonover and Alex have sunk their coding teeth into it and have been making updates to get the grouping code and UI elements imported in.

So far, as of this morning, everything is looking good and on-track, with only one slight hiccup with a character animation. We should have a video for the community coming up in the next week or so featuring the team logging in together, so we can show you guys our network code working, our grouping code working, chat code working, and etc.

If you haven’t seen the latest Twitch feed, I did an update yesterday for you guys, running around inside of the zone Joey created and giving you a bit of an update on what he has created to-date. The video feed was a bit choppy (I totally forgot I was uploading another video in the background), but you can see some of the zone. More important, is to take a listen to one of the new pieces of music that David Bradford sent in.

Watch live video from SagaOfLucimia on Twitch
He’s been going nuts recently, dropping several new tracks on us. Now, he’s off working on combat music as well as a theme for the dungeon that Joey will be working on for the month of March.

I also have some storyboard sketches from Emma on the game trailer to share with you guys this morning. I’ve finished the script, and she’s working with Joe and Nick Lepperd to get this beast finished up. It should be around five to six minutes in length by the time its completed. But don’t expect it any time soon; the trailer won’t be ready until late Spring/early Summer when we are promoting the official launch of our pre-alpha.

Everything is moving ahead as planned.

Next up: we’ll be doing another tshirt campaign in the next few weeks so that we can move into the next round of purchases of assets from the Unity Store. We are going to pick up some scripts next time, as well as another enviroment pack, plus some spell effects and other elements, including the interior decoration package we need.

Because that’s April for Joey. Once he’s finished up with the dungeon, he’ll be getting the interiors put together for the tavern + scholar laboratory + another building or two in the training camp.

Saga of Lucimia Storyboard Panel

Saga of Lucimia Storyboard Panel 2

I’ll be helping as I have time, but my wife and I are heading to Spain in mid-March to work on a blogger-in-residence program in Costa Brava until the end of May as part of our travel brand, Marginal Boundaries.  I’m also speaking at the TBEX travel blog convention in Lloret de Mar April 30th – May 2nd on long-term social media campaigns. Then in June we have a resort consult in Belize + I’m keynoting a social media seminar June 10th, 11th and 12th.

Once I’m back, I’ll be delving back into the zone development with Joey, but in the meantime I’m going to be on “team leader only” duties, managing while we are on the road, and keeping your weekly sitreps coming in + social media updates flowing.

Remember, the entire development team here at Saga of Lucimia have day jobs. We aren’t full-time developers. Which means we do our best to work 3-4 hours a day on this game, but sometimes we’ve got real-life duties that take precedence.

The goal is that eventually, as we gain momentum and more crowdfunding and support from the international audience, we’ll be switching over as a team and working on this game full time. We can’t wait for that day to happen 🙂

Don’t forget, tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. we’ve got another live Q&A happening on Google+. Hope to see you there!

Until next time, stay tuned!