Development Sitrep February 28th 2015


Development Sitrep February 28th 2015

Short update this week, folks. Still plugging away, although this week has been slower than some because many of the team members had some extra work-related duties this week. But we still keep moving forward, even if some weeks are inches instead of miles!

The trailer is moving right along, as is writing for the quest content for the pre-alpha content. Which is something you should pay attention to, because it’s not final game content. Instead, what John is writing presently is “throw away” content. It’s being put in the pre-alpha for testing purposes only.

Part of what we want to test during our initial pre-alpha launch here in a couple/few months is not only combat and everything related to it (to-hit rolls, defense rolls, damage, attacks, spells, etc.), but also the LFG system (bulletin board in the tavern), the grouping system, the UI functionality, and the quest system + dialogue system.

Saga of Lucimia Storyboard Panel 3

So while he’s working on something that will be fun and entertaining, you won’t want to run and put it up in any official wiki anywhere….because the content will eventually get shelved once we are ready to go into launch mode for the official Volume One release.

We just hosted our third official Q&A last Sunday, and covered some more of the small-group questions and “what can I do if I’m just a solo guy with a limited amount of time to play” questions. Since then, we’ve had a lot of mechanics-based questions, and while we aren’t able to divulge a ton of secrets, I can say this: our next Q&A will delve deep into mechanics, and later this afternoon Giovanni and myself are hosting a live Twitch chat to talk about the Camp system and some of the mechanics we are working into it.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with last week’s Q&A and you can give it a listen and get caught up on where we are at. Until next week!