Development Sitrep February 7th, 2015


Development Sitrep February 7th, 2015

Assholes and elbows. That’s what it’s been the past week here for us. With the recent crowdfunding deposit in the account, and promptly spent within 10 minutes of it coming in, we’ve got a new round of Unity assets at our disposal, and the team has been going full-speed ahead. Want to know more? Well, this update has got plenty for you, so get a cup of coffee and sit back.

We got our funds on Tuesday, and right away we jumped in. Joey’s been going back and re-skinning some of the original zones with new assets, while I’ve been starting from scratch and doing some rough zone development, which I’ll then hand off to him to polish up a bit, and from there it will go to the art team, and eventually wind up with the programmers before being added to the zone connector map and overall game world.

We picked up about about half of the assets we currently need between now and April/May. We’ll be doing another round of crowdfunding in a few more weeks…towards the end of February. But before we get to that point, we want to show you guys and girls what we’ve been working on with the funds from the first campaign…so here’s a teaser video I put together this morning using some of the new assets.


Want to know our monthly spend vs. earn? You have to be a backer of our game, and backer levels and subscriptions aren’t publicly available just yet. Those will be coming down the pipeline when we’ve got our full pre-alpha and crowdfunding tiers ready to go, which should be avialable in the next few months. In the meantime, stay tuned to the newsletter as we’ll be talking more about our spendatures there in the meantime.

I’ve done a couple of Twitch streams this past week showing some of the live development of the zone I’ve been working on. I’m not nearly as talented as Joey; he’s been using Unity for about a year and a half and I very literally just picked up the tools a couple of weeks ago, blew through a Unity course on Lynda, and then jumped right in.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch them live, you can check archived broadcasts here. I’ll be personally streaming most mornings around 6 a.m. CST, and randomly throughout the day. The rest of the team members will be starting to stream their own work later on in the month, so stay tuned for that.

And in case you missed it, David put together a pretty badass video of the recent tavern piece he did, featuring some of the tools and instruments he’s using to put together the soundtrack for Saga of Lucimia.


The first in a couple of interviews I’ve done with random outlets have come out this past week. First up was a text interview I did with We The Nerdy. I also got on Skype with the guys over at Infinite Playroom a couple of weeks back with lead UI programmer Timothy Schoonover and had a couple hour podcast chat with them. The first episode came out the other day, and while it’s a bit chopped up (they are cutting things down to several 10-15 minute sections), the core information is there, so give it a listen and stay tuned for the next episodes.

Trailer storyboarding continues. David’s done a few more tavern soundtrack drafts. Programming is moving ahead full-speed; we hope to have a teaser trailer to you guys sometime after Valentine’s weekend to show you the progress the coding team has been making in-game behind the scenes.

I also did a 12+ minute video this past week talking about size and scope of zones, and how we are designing things so that it will take you a minimum of an hour to run across a zone with a small party, assuming a few random encounters and sticking to the main path, and several hours to get across a zone if you are off the path and cutting cross-country…and dozens of hours of in-zone exploration if you want to uncover every nook and cranny.

This gets into what I was recently talking about when I said “five or six game sessions” to get from Finglis Mirror to the Mountains of Mist. Our world is massive in size and scope; with no recall button, no mini-maps at your disposal, and limited fast-travel options, you’ll be relying on the strength of your team + your abilities + gear + mounts to either keep you alive or ahead of the enemies as you move around.

This is also what we are talking about when we speak to how game sessions should be viewed as part of an overall campaign; when you leave a city or outpost behind, you are heading out on a weeks-to-months-long campaign. First you make your way to the dungeon/ruins/etc., and then you head in. And that’s not counting the adventures you’ll have along the way, the other outposts and ruins and etc. that you’ll discover which you’ll want to come back to later on.

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned to the newsletter for behind-the-scenes updates, as well as our social media channel for the public ones. Stay safe, and keep on gaming!