Development Sitrep January 24th 2015


Development Sitrep January 24th 2015

Hey everyone, Tim “Renfail” Anderson here. Time to kick it up a notch and get you guys up to speed with our most recent team meeting. Some new things on the plate, some exciting updates, a lot of new action over at our forums, and some interesting conversations going on about Archetypes and our lack of traditional clerics/healers in the Saga of Lucimia MMORPG. 

If you have been living under a rock, we launched a poll on Monday asking you guys and girls to vote on a series of images related to some t-shirt designs. The concept revolved around scenarios where adventurers wished they had brought along a length of rope, one of the most often-forgotten pieces of equipment that players seem to leave behind when playing a D&D campaign.

There were three options: one from each of the artists (Emma, Joe, and Nick). The winner was announced Wednesday evening, and Emma’s design crushed the competition.

She’s currently bringing her initial sketch to a final version, which we’ll be using to launch a Teespring campaign on Sunday. It’s the first of our crowdfunding campaigns to start bringing in money to help with the development of our MMORPG, but we aren’t just giving you guys a physical reward for your shirt.

We’re also giving away two months of pre-alpha access plus five invites for your friends!



Stay tuned for the full details of the offer, which will go live tomorrow. This is the first round of crowdfunding campaigns that we’ll be offering over the next few months leading up to our pre-orders and official pledge section, and physical rewards will be tied directly to pre-alpha access in most cases, so you’ll want to keep on your toes if you plan on getting involved with the development of our MMORPG up close and personal!

We’re continuing our Developers Unplugged series over at our YouTube channel. This week saw videos for soundtrack composer David “Amory” Bradford, artist Joseph “Astaroth” Bennet, and skill designer/quest writer John “Drindin” Gust.

We also brought on two new team members this past week, although they haven’t been added to the Team page just yet. Timothy Schoonover is a high-school friend of mine who also has 8+ years of C# and software database skills to bring to the table from his day job, and one of our old Project 1999 friends who was our static group’s Shaman for four months is bringing his C# experience to the table as well: Vincent McCord.

We made our first official Unity purchases on Wednesday this past week. We’ve been using the free version of the tools for the past year while building everything up from scratch, but it’s time to start putting money on the line. We’re pre-ordering Unity 5 and going to the Pro version in March (as well as picking up the team license), but in the meantime we just picked up three character models that we’ll be using for basic testing over the next few months.

For now, we’ll be testing a basic Fighter Adventurer, a basic Scholar, and a basic Ranged Adventurer. Later on, we’ll be bringing a Thief into the mix, but these are the three we’ll be using to get our basic combat system working, as well as testing basic mechanics, getting our statistics working and applied for hitpoints and armor class and damage and the like. Please note: these are not our final character models. They are test models only and will not represent the final models we’ll be using in our game.

We’re also getting started with the GUI. While we could just download something from the Unity store, several of our team members have been learning C# from scratch, so we’re actually letting them design our UI from scratch as well so that they can get some hands-on experience in coding and actually seeing something of their own take on life within the game.

We also discussed our timeline for basic development from now until around October, as well as the art team’s next projects. The game trailer is going to start production next week, as well as the next Hermit and Chapter content. From there, the art team will be spending the bulk of their time getting our trailer ready for the next couple of months, while the coding team gets our pre-alpha build completely ready for you, the community members, to begin helping us with testing.

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That’s it for this week’s sitrep! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s big reveal with our Teespring campaign, and how you can get a couple month’s worth of pre-alpha access for you and your friends!