Development Update, June 10th, 2015


Development Update, June 10th, 2015

It’s been a whirlwind past few weeks since the close of our Indiegogo campaign. For starters, my wife and I were still in Spain when everything wound down, and we literally just got back to Cancun about a week ago. We’ve been in the middle of getting our new apartment set up, and beyond that, I’ve been fielding new job applications left and right from potential hopefuls who want to join the Saga of Lucimia crusade.

We’ve brought on three new coder contractors in the past two weeks, and we’re hip-deep in the middle of taking all of our core game principles and getting them into the game as actual, functioning mechanics. Things being worked on right now are camera-related scripting, our day/night cycle scripting and timing, swimming scripting + mechanics, and of course the combat + skill system that will serve as the core of the “adventuring” side of the game.

We expect all of these “core” mechanics to take the team roughly a year to implement at their current pace. Note that this isn’t a hard date, but rather an estimation; we think that by June or July of next year we’ll be at a point where we feel comfortable switching gears from core game mechanics over to the secondary side of the game: housing + harvesting/crafting.

Don’t mistake the use of the word secondary. Housing and harvesting/crafting are integral features of The Saga of Lucimia. And we fully plan on giving them just as much love and attention as the rest of the game features. But in terms of internal timing and scheduling, that’s what we’ve got worked out so far, roughly.

So sometime in summer of 2016 we’ll move over to work on those features, and then once they are done, we’ll move the game from closed alpha into closed beta, run that for a couple few months to work out the last kinks from the system, possibly run an open beta for a month or so just before launch, and then release the hounds.

We’re still on track to start getting Indiegogo backers into the game sometime around August, when they’ll be helping test the earliest stages of combat. From there, we’ll be growing and adding more players and opening up our pre-order store.

Which is also something I’m currently working on now that I’m back in Cancun: getting all of the paperwork finished and the actual company founded so that we can get our bank accounts + etc. set up for official approval from PayPal to open up our store. We may go with another payment option in the future, but that’s who we’re working with in the meantime.

Once all that is set in stone, we’ll open up the store and pre-orders will become available…along with numerous perks, such as lifetime subscription options, early access, in-game rewards, and more.

Stay tuned! Lots more exciting stuff coming down the pipeline!