Five Reasons NOT To Pre-Order The Saga Of Lucimia


Five Reasons NOT To Pre-Order The Saga Of Lucimia

Ever since the opening of our pre-order store, we’ve heard from both sides of the fence. Supporters who love what we’re doing and will follow us to the end, and naysayers, with plenty of negativity and reasons why we’re going to fail. So in homage to the trolls, we’ve got a special blog post for you: the top five reasons why you should NOT pre-order the Saga of Lucimia MMORPG .

Reason #1: Any company who sells pre-orders to a game that isn’t yet launched is scamming people for their money, and will run off with your funds.

From Godus to Pathfinder, the crowdfunded community is chock-full of failures from both high-profile developers and first-timers who have made grand claims about the games they are planning to make, only to crash and burn, go bankrupt, or take the money and run.

Thankfully, we’re not a crowdfunded game. We’re self-funded and working on this in our spare time outside of our day jobs, and the pre-order store only serves as a way for us to allow our community to help us mitigate out-of-pocket expenses, such as convention attendance. 24 months into game development, and not a single one of us has seen even a penny of salary for our time. We absolutely do not need a single penny of money coming in from the store to complete our product.

That being said, others have run off with money, so we must be exactly like them. Since we aren’t a fully-launched gane, we *must* be scamming people for their money. After all, if we’re self-funded, why allow people to give us cash if we don’t “need” the money? The only reason must be because we are planning to run off with the cash and live out our lives on some tropical island somewhere.

If you think we’re out to scam people, that’s reason #1 why you shouldn’t give us even a single red cent. Especially if you are someone who needs to see a finished product before you put money on the line.

Go away. Come back in 2018 after we’re launched and make your decision then.

Reason #2: There’s no PVP.

After all, only the games with PVP have any real chance of success. A purely PVE game? That’s carebear bullshit, and is doomed to failure. As such, you have no reason to pre-order our game, because we’re never going to have PVP in our title (other than city arenas where players can beat the shit out of each other for giggles).

Reason #3: It’s a subscription-based game.

Free-to-play is the only way to roll in the current genre of MMORPGs. Nevermind the fact that FFXIV, World of Warcraft, and numerous other titles still maintain healthy subscription numbers despite being pay-to-play, the only games you will even consider are the ones where you don’t have to pay anything to play.

So if you’re one of the instant-gratification generation of ADD entitlement players whose existence revolves around games catering to your every single-player whim while you refuse to put even a penny on the line because “you deserve it” simply for sucking down air, move along. This isn’t going to be the game for you.

We absolutely will have a monthly fee to play our game, and the only thing that we’ll give you for free is the above piece of advice: our game isn’t for you. Go play something else.

Reason #4: The team has no experience building an MMORPG, and were doomed to failure from the very beginning.

That’s right. None of us on the team has ever designed an MMORPG before. In fact, most of us have never even worked on an actual title before. While the majority of the team are bringing their day-job expertise to the table (all of our coders are programmers in their day jobs, for example), we’ve absolutely never worked together as a team before, and with no track record behind us, there’s absolutely no way that we’ll ever be able to complete the game we’re working on.

Ignore the fact that, as of this writing, we have a fully-functioning alpha server with monthly builds taking place for our Early Access folks, that we’ve hit every public deadline we’ve set for progress reports, that we’ve grown from six people to a team of 19, that we generated over 40,000,000 views on social media in 2015 alone, that we’ve grown to several thousand registered users at the website, forums, and newsletter, that we’ve pushed out over 225 newsletters and 225+ YouTube videos documenting our progress, as well as numerous Q&As and interviews for players like Theory Forge, Dungeon Crawler Network, and

None of that matters because we are a bunch of newbies who will never be able to finish what we’ve started. It’s impossible. It’s too complex, and we’re too far out of our depth.

Reason #5: You want to get a headstart on everyone else by playing in the alpha/beta so that you can scout out all the boss mobs and uber lewtz.

Sorry, nubs. We’re not that kind of Early Access. We know that you instant gratification types are accustomed to the last decade of companies using Early Access as a means of promoting their games, where you can get in early and get a headstart on the competition and datamine for Wiki material and guild guides, but that’s not what we’re doing.

Instead, we’re using Early Access as a friends-and-family alpha and beta program where only those who are truly dedicated to the cause can get involved in the earliest stages of the game to help test and do quality control on the product.

Players are here to test game mechanics and features, not to play through game content. And to ensure that they only test the features that we want them testing, we only have the game client available on test weekends, and we run highly-focused test runs where, during the time the servers are up, players are testing exactly what we want them to test, not running through content.

On top of that, we’re using throw-away quest content to test game mechanics, which means that the quests and the NPCs and the locations that we utilize within the game client testing grounds on our alpha server = not going to be in the live game.

Instead, we’ll be hand-selecting the cream-of-the-crop from the Early Access program via an invite-only process to join the actual Test Server that we’ll be launching in late 2016. While the Early Access server doesn’t have an NDA in place (we don’t need it since we’re using throw-away content), the actual Test Server will have an NDA, and the only people getting an invite will be the Super Special who have proved themselves through the Early Access program to be invested in the future of our game and belief in The Vision, and who are trustworthy enough to be allowed into the Super Sekret Club.

So nope, we won’t have any sort of open beta or early access program for those of you who want to get a headstart on anyone, so if you had plans of pre-ordering the game so you could get in before everyone else, you might as well turn around right now, because you’ll be in for a sore disappointment.

Also, we’re wiping characters between the builds. So yeah…no reason for you to pre-order.

P.S. Updated in March of 2016 with a new video link and some updated numbers in regards to # of YouTube videos + newsletters we’ve produced.

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