Saga of Lucimia Races

The kingdoms of Lucimia are made up of a variety of Younger and Elder races. Beyond that, there are the others as well. The following list are some of the races that players will discover throughout the course of the game.


Lucimians are humans. They come in various shapes, colors and sizes throughout the kingdoms of Lucimia. Lucimians are the only playable race during Volume I.


An organic, sentient race of stone-golems who make their home in the far northern mountain kingdom of Gleznoiradin in the Rithcullmarin Mountains. They live off of minerals and ore and are master craftsmen of stone and metal. Their craftsmanship has stood the test of time and can be seen in cities such as Finglis Mirror, where buildings they constructed still appear as they did upon their first day of completion, thousands of years later. They have not been seen by human eyes for over 500 years. The Dwearhe will be playable race in Volume II.


The Elenhi are a tall, lithe, immortal race of humanoids that have been a part of Lucimia for as long as time has existed or human records can recall. They are attuned to the natural world and can take on aspects of both plants and animals. Incredibly wise, they chose to fade into myth at the end of the Great War over 500 years ago when it became evident that humanity could not be kept on the path of wisdom. The Archmage Chaldeon was an Elenhi. They make their home deep in the heart of the Elomir Forest. The Elenhi will be a playable race in Volume II.


The Eldeni are the darker cousins of the Elenhi. Unlike their brethren who chose to fade away peacefully into history and leave mankind to their own doings, the Eldeni chose to lash out against what they viewed as a weaker race. They separated from the rest of the Elenhi at the end of the Great War and moved east over the Mountains of Mist, eventually settling into the Blackmoore Forest. While their peaceful cousins can take on aspects of plants and animals, the Eldeni have become far more feral over the years, and have melded their spirit-essences with the plant and animal world, giving them shape-changing abilities. They ferociously defend their homeland. The Blackmoore Forest is well-known for being a haunted place where none who venture past the eaves live to tell the tale. The Eldeni will be a playable race in Volume II.


The Islanders are dark-skinned humans who live in the Island Nations west of Lucimia, across the sea. They are a sea-faring race of merchants, traders and pirates. They have long been allies of Lucimia in the wars against the Sunarians, the most recent of which was only a few decades ago. The Islanders will be available as a playable race during Volume III.


The Sunarians are a dark-skinned, desert-race of magic-worshiping humans from a strange land far west across the sea. Their form of magic is a series of tatoos, runes and scarification, with magic literally inked, engraved, branded or carved into their flesh. It is rumored that the greatest high priests of their faith are those who have sacrificed their reproductive organs in exchange for ultimate power. They were the enemy in the Great War that ended 500 years ago and were led by The Lich King wielding the power of the Book of Life. While they were defeated through the combined might and power of the Elenhi and humans, they have regained power over the years, creating a vast naval fleet that began attacking the Island Nations several decades ago. Finally, a truce was formed between the Sunarians, the Islanders and the kingdoms of Lucimia. Since then, the Sunarians have begun brokering trade agreements with modern humanity. The Sunarians will be a playable race during Volume IV.