Happy Holidays, And See You In 2016


Happy Holidays, And See You In 2016

2015. A whirlwind year for us here working on the Saga of Lucimia. It saw us launch our social media campaigns along with the new website in January, and then go on to amass over 40 million views across our channels. Along with that came the formation of Stormhaven Studios, the opening of our pre-order store in September, and the launch of our alpha and Early Access. And now, at the end of the year, it’s time to look forward to what is still yet to come. 

First and foremost, a huge shout-out to our community. Your support has been beyond expectations, your trust and passion for the project legendary in scope. You rallied behind us, you helped us grow, and you pushed us to where we are today, ending 2015 on a hugely positive note and pushing forward into the new year and the second half of our development cycle.

With a December 2017 planned launch date, we’ve still got two years ahead of us. Exciting times are ahead! Right now, the team is working on switching over to a new networking platform, optimizing our existing build, and we’ll be coming back in February or March with a streamlined version of what you’ve already been testing in Early Access.

We may rent a small apartment in Austin, Texas sometime early in 2016 to serve as our office, with one or two of our team members on-site; those who can work remotely with their day jobs. Then, in May or June, we’re hoping to have a get-together of some type after people receive their tax returns and have a little extra to pay for plane tickets and hotels. No ticket fees or anything like that; we’re thinking more of like a BBQ and camping weekend or something on the lake, where anyone who can afford to come down for a few days flies in and hangs out with the community.

We’ll have a firm date on that sometime in the new year, so that people can start planning ahead accordingly. Think late May or sometime in June; once we have a date, we’ll let everyone know.

As far as the game goes, we’ve got a huge year ahead in 2016. Our end-of-year goals include getting our internal test server up and ready (the invite-only game server with actual game content, a separate server from the Early Access alpha server where we test the features and mechanics to be implemented on the game server), as well as the bulk of our first-draft world building completed so that we can move into polish mode for 2017, adding all the art details like lighting, shading, mists and weather patterns, star maps and beyond.

We also aim to have the core combat, features, and mechanics as close to a “rough draft” finish as possible by the end of 2016, allowing us to move into polish and refinement mode for the first half of 2017, while a portion of the team breaks off and starts working on the crafting/housing/harvesting side of the game. If we can get some work done on the crafting by the end of 2016, we’ll do so.

The art team is working on cranking out Dwearhe and Elenhi art and assets. At some point we’ll be moving into custom character creation, animations, and armor production. We’ll be filling more roles as the year moves on, bringing on additional artists and modelers. And so much more.

At the beginning of 2015 we had a mere 10 of us working on the project. By the end of the year (as of this writing) we have 19 talented folks working on making this game a reality. Our new forums have been up since September and fleshing out nicely, and the press we’ve received from places like MMORPG.com and Theory Forge have been great. Everything is onwards and upwards.

Thanks so much to everyone for your loyalty and support, and we look forward to having the next build out to you in early 2016! Happy holidays, and see you on the flip side!