“Length of Rope” Apparel, Pre-Alpha Access, And Beyond


“Length of Rope” Apparel, Pre-Alpha Access, And Beyond

The time has come! The wait is over! Since you guys voted early last week on the three “length of rope” designs from our art team, we’ve been teasing the actual campaign, and it’s finally here! Today marks the launch of our official first crowdfunding campaign for the Saga of Lucimia MMORPG, and we’ve got an amazing set of awards to offer up to you guys!

So first and foremost is the shirt itself. Talk about an epic piece of entertaining artwork from our very own Emma Hextall! Placed in the exact same scenario as this unfortunate adventurer, wouldn’t YOU wish you had a length of rope as well?

You can pick up your shirt over at the Teespring page for our campaign. And while I know most of you would be happy walking away with just the shirt as your reward, we’ve got more epic loot for the hardcore fans: two months of pre-alpha access and five invites for your friends!

That’s right! Two months access to the Saga of Lucimia MMORPG pre-alpha* for you and five of your friends!

As of 10:30 P.M. CST January 26th, just over 36 hours after launching our campaign, we hit our goal of 20 shirts and are now into stretch goals! We can’t wait to see you in-game!
Stretch Goal 1: if we hit 35 sales before the campaign ends, we’ll give everyone a 10-charge Relic that will instantly open ANY simple lock in the game, regardless of your personal skill level. Which means even non-thief characters will be able to open simple locks at the click of a button.
Stretch Goal 2: If we hit 50 sales before the campaign ends, we’ll give everyone a find-corpse Relic. This Relic acts like a special compass, pointing you in the direction of your corpse. This will be invaluable in our game, since we have no mini-maps, and since when you die, your gear will remain on your corpse…making corpse runs inevitable so you can get your gear back. Being able to find your corpse in the middle of a dungeon or zone = huge bonus.

Length Of Rope Apparel - Latrine Version

So how does it work? Once you’ve got your badass new breastplate in your hot little mittens, equip it. Then, head out into the wilds and take a selfie of you wearing your new piece of equipment while in a public environment: at the pub, at a birthday party, at the mall; anywhere where you can be seen representing the Saga of Lucimia brand and spreading awareness of our game.

Then, post your selfie to your chosen social media platform (or more than one!) and use the hashtag #sagaoflucimia as well as leave a link back to our website! Once that’s done, send us an email to info@sagaoflucimia.com with a link to your social media post and we’ll get you set up for access and get you five invite codes to send to your friends!

From there, we’ll notify you once access to our pre-alpha access starts and you’ll be able to join the dev team for our test phases! For more information on Saga of Lucimia, the team, our crowdfunding efforts and more, read the FAQ page. 

*Pre-alpha access is coming in Spring of 2015; we don’t have an exact date just yet, but it’s within the next few months. Testing will be done on weekends throughout each month; sometimes we will run tests every weekend, other times it will be every other weekend; it all depends on internal needs.