Mac & Linux Builds, And Beyond!


Mac & Linux Builds, And Beyond!

So if you remember from our official FAQs page, one thing we mentioned since the beginning is that this is a Windows only title. However, we’ve always said that if we had time/etc., we would try to make it available for Mac + Linux. While you shouldn’t take this as proof that we will have those versions available upon launch of Volume I, we can happily say that for now we’re including Mac & Linux builds for the September 19th server stress test build!

We hope to be able to maintain this production schedule for the forseeable future. We still haven’t changed our stance on the final version of Volume I, but the one strength of Unity is that it can deploy versions across multiple platforms without too much extra work.

At least for now, when we’re dealing with a relatively small client that is compared to the full-on final version of the game. But still, since we can do it for now, we’re going to run with it, and as long as the bugs/kinks on the Mac/Linux versions aren’t too heavy compared to the PC version and we can stay on top of fixing those issues, we’ll keep doing so.

However, the most important bit of news is that we’ve decided to toss our original idea of having the Indiegogo backers stress test on their own on the 19th of September, ahead of the pre-order folks who pick up a game once we open up the pre-order store. Instead, we’re letting EVERYONE in, including those who pre-order the game on September 15th, and anyone who pre-orders up until the server stress test at 1 p.m. next Saturday!

The reason we changed our minds? Basically, it boiled down to the fact that we decided last week it would be better to test the server nearer the actual numbers we’ll be testing with in October, rather than running people through the wringer twice for a simple server stress test. Right now, we’ve got 50 backers from our Indiegogo earlier this year, and while that’s a great start, we thought it would be better to test against a higher volume of players.

This first test is going to be “boring” in the sense that there’s still no combat in the build: you’re just logging in to help us test the load of the server, the chat and group functionalities, and run around the zone hanging out and chatting with everyone else. During the four hours that it’s up, we’ll be bringing the server down four times (at the present plan) to reset it to the next highest level of ram/processing power.

Each successive test will give us data that we can use to know at what level we think we should run the build that’s coming in October: the first “official” alpha build when we bring people in to start working on the various aspects of combat that are going to be our focus for the rest of 2015.

The one caveat is that we probably won’t be able to process all of the friend invites from the 48-hour promotion that kicks off when the store opens on the 19th. While normal pre-orders generate an automatic authentication code after your purchase, which is tied to your account + client for access to the game, we have to manually enter invite codes into the system, which = man hours.

We’ll have plenty of time to get them into the system before the October build, along with the other promotions listed, but just a head’s up: we have to manually do invitees at the moment, and it’s a high probability that we won’t have the time to get them into the database between Tuesday and Saturday.

But for everyone else, it’s an automated process, so you’ll get access to the client + your authentication code immediately upon purchase, which gets you access to the game server just as soon as we turn it on for Saturday’s build.

Don’t forget to bookmark the pre-order store page. It’s still password protected until Tuesday, September 15th, but you’ll want to be on top of things if you plan on helping us hit all of the launch day promotions and earning those invite codes for your friends and beyond!