Mondays in MMORPGs – Naming Policies


Mondays in MMORPGs – Naming Policies

From names like Puffmaster or Gandalfff that just don’t quite fit, to offensive names like Fisturmom or Babykillr, MMORPGs are rife with examples of bad nomes de plum. Once upon a time in the golden age before profits became the only concern, companies actually took the time to uphold naming policies, at least to weed out the most offensive. Sadly, those days have long since passed, with most titles these days allowing players to call themselves whatever they desire. 

When we started looking at how we wanted to approach names in the Saga of Lucimia, we very early on decided that we were going to be a Roleplay Preferred title, and that we were absolutely going to have a naming policy in place to uphold the integrity of our environment. We’re less concerned with variations of Gandalf (it lacks imagination, to be sure, but it isn’t offensive) than we are with players who think they are being clever by naming their character something rude, crude, or just plain distasteful.

But a naming policy is a tricky thing; go to far and you become the thought police. It’s a slippery slope, but one that we’ll be attempting to navigate as we work together with our community to create a safe haven for roleplayers and those who prefer their fantasy worlds to be free of real-world references or references to other fantastical settings. Because no matter who you are as a player, you can come up with something other than Teabagger, Cokzsucker, or the millionth variation of Drizzt or Legolas.

Mentioned in the video, one of our earliest posts discussing the pros and cons of the topic from several years ago: Roleplay Police – Enforcing Fantasy Names