No Healers – What’s a Cleric To Do???


No Healers – What’s a Cleric To Do???

Hello Everyone! This is Giovanni “Eldaran” Martello, one of the developers for the Saga of Lucimia!

You may have heard by this point, that (at least until the first expansion) we will have no healing classes in the game. To those of you who are hearing this news just now, I apologize for being so blunt! I hope we have not torn out a piece of your soul if you are a Cleric, Priest, or Druid at heart. But before you have a melt-down, please let me go into some detail on why we made this decision and what we offer players who love to support their friends.

First off, what we are shying away from in SoL is “In Combat Healing”. That means we will be working on mechanics that prevent the entire game turning into one giant “Tank N Spank” marathon. For those who are not familiar with this term, it’s when you have one character who is good at mitigating damage and keeping all the monsters attention who is being healed by a person pressing one or two buttons while yawning and eating potato chips.

This has been a staple of MMO’s since Everquest itself. You would primarily have one tank, one healer, one utility class, and a few DPS or damage classes in a solid group. We don’t feel this is engaging gameplay, so we’d like to phase that out.

Saying no healers whatsoever is a bit misleading. We will have some healing types, primarily through bandaging, potions created through Chemistry, or salves and wraps made by Herbalism. You may even find a way to recover some HP during combat, but it won’t be something that you can rely on to negate all damage being dealt to a teammate.

We are bringing HP Recovery to an “Out Of Combat” state. Everyone will need to rest for a short time after battle or two or three (depending on gear, skills, group makeup, and content difficulty) and make sure everyone is ready to move on. In our experience, downtime  leads to some of the best social interaction and friendships made in MMO gaming.

You might ask where does that leave me, the lowly support player, in Saga of Lucimia? I am here to tell you that there will be no more fulfilling role in our game than support and utility. We have literally hundreds of support skills to be learned by philanthropic players. Some of which range from songs and poetry that bolster your teammates or put enemies to sleep to tactical planning skills that can turn the tide of the battle field in your favor.

What will you be doing instead of healing you ask? What we’ve decided on is mainly well-thought out and reactive crowd control. Instead of running willy nilly into a group of goblins, you will plan with your team before going into battle. Maybe your Bard will play a lulling tune to drop an enemy to sleep. Maybe your Performer will launch into a mesmerizing dance routine that stuns one or two enemies for a minute or two.

At this point you may be left with one or two remaining monsters charging at your group. Possibly you have brought a Chemist along with you who tosses a potion on the ground which glues one of the charging Goblins in place causing him to angrily curse you while he remains rooted there. That leaves one Goblin who makes it to your party and starts chewing on one of your group members.

This is the point where you would surely have some form of tank along for the ride to sustain those vicious blows. Possibly he is a strong Fighter with a mace and shield decked out in plate armor. He is good at stunning the enemy with his shield, and muddying the brains of monsters with his mace skills. The combo of shield and plate armor give him a good chance of surviving encounters due to his high armor class and the chance to block damage. He may not be the best at doing damage, but he will surely cause the enemy to fight at their worst.

If your tank is an Adventurer Archetpype Monk who, instead of donning plate armor, wears nothing more than a few scraps of cloth, he will be incredibly hard to hit due to his mastery of Acrobatics and Martial Arts. This is what we call an “Avoidance Tank”. Anyone who is able to either misdirect damage, absorb damage, or reflect damage is considered a form of a tank. You get to decide what type of character you will be and many characters will be unique to each other.

It is up to you, the support player, to make sure your other group members survive the battle. Whether you crowd control, buff, or debuff the enemy, each of those things denies the enemy the ability to perform damaging attacks directed toward your teammates. We have many different Masteries planned, each with their own lines of utility, support, and of course damaging abilities.

Almost everyone in the game at some point will have abilities that they can use to help their teammates or hinder their enemies. This is not a game of face-roll-on-the-keyboard-to-win; this is about careful planning, and flawless execution of strategy to come out on the other side of a fight.

I hope what I’ve told you makes you excited, and gets you thinking of all of the grand adventures you will be having in Lucimia. No matter what your mastery choices are at character creation, you will be useful to someone, somewhere, and you will help them survive.

May you live forever and collect vast amounts of treasure!


Giovanni “Eldaran” Martello

Producer, Designer, Man of Many Hats

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