Saga of Lucimia MMORPG Development Sitrep January 12th 2015


Saga of Lucimia MMORPG Development Sitrep January 12th 2015

As part of our ongoing development, we want to keep you – our family, friends, and community members – up-to-date with as much as we possibly can without giving too much away. Trade secrets and all of that. With the most recent team meeting behind us now that the holidays are gone (we just met on January 9th; we are back to weekly meetings on Fridays from here on out), it’s time to strap in and put noses to grindstone as we march forward into 2015. 

With the website launch and new social media campaign in full swing, our newsletter filling up, and our forums heating up with over 50 new signups and conversations over the weekend, we are moving into other areas of development. The art team (Joe, Emma, Nick Lepperd) are finishing up some small projects related to concept art, then they’ll be working on our first crowdfunding campaign project, which will be coming later this month (tentatively). Stay tuned to our social media channels for teasers leading up to that.

Once that’s done, they’ll be moving into various projects: chapter art, in-game armor and clothing and weapons, design for the upcoming web comic, and storyboarding for our first official trailer.

We just launched our “Developer’s Unplugged” series. I went first, but expect the rest of the team to have videos coming out at our YouTube channel over the coming days throughout January. We want to give you a chance to get a personal look into the developers on this team and what drives them, and what each one of us is looking forward to the most in terms of what we are bringing to the table with our MMORPG.

The biggest move for us is happening right now. Coding has now become a core process of our daily development; Alex is heading our programming charge, and we’ve got Joey dropping back from world building to accompany Giovanni and Nick (Gordner) on putting together the initial UI that we’ll be using for testing.

Richard is back with us around the 20th once his new apartment gets Internet, and we’ll be getting more buildings created for the tester zone, which is where we’ll be spending the bulk of our time for the next year or so, getting the mechanics working. At some point, we’ll send a couple of world builders out ahead of the pack to create the rest of our zones + dungeons + cities, but in the meantime it’s buckle-down-and-code-our-asses-off to get mechanics and skills/combat/casting into the game.

The next chapter in The Story So Far is coming out this month; the goal is to push one chapter live every month until we are ready to publish the game. That means another 27 – 30 chapters to go until we finish Volume I and are ready to publish our initial game. To-date, we have 40 overland zones planned, six cities, and 10 dungeons. Cities and dungeons have multiple zones/levels, so we’ll end up with around 60 zones upon completion. More or less.

So we’ve got our work cut out for us.

archetype header

At some point in the coming weeks, we’ll be putting together our first official game trailer, as previously mentioned. Expect that at the same time that our Friends and Family pre-alpha goes live, which is also the same time our full crowdfunding campaign kicks in and folks can start pre-ordering and backing the game for rewards/etc., and subscribing to the alpha access and extras that we’ve got coming down the pipeline.

Tentative dates for pre-alpha access + crowdfunding + our first official trailer will be around March.

We tested our Twitch feeds last week. We should have a live stream coming in the near future. Also, our second Q&A session will be happening later this month. If you want to get your questions answered by one of the developers, make sure you drop a line in the forums and post your query. We’ll be doing the next one live and you’ll have a chance to ask questions of the team in the moment as well as get them to us via the forums in advance.

I also can’t wait to share with you some of what David has been working on as far as the music goes. He’s working on the main theme + a couple of side themes at the moment, then he’ll be moving into some tavern music, and then city themes and beyond. And John’s cranking out dungeon overviews + more storyline content, as well as working on our quest philosophy and system.

The biggest updates are ahead of us. March is our target goal for showcasing a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff that we’ve been working on in terms of getting a working, functioning MMORPG off the ground. I don’t have words for how proud I am of this team. All of us came into this with little more than passion, but we’ve already accomplished everything we set out to do, albeit more slowly than seasoned developers.

Stick around. We’re gonna knock your socks off with what’s still to come 🙂