Test Server, New Team Members, Music, and More!


Test Server, New Team Members, Music, and More!

The days since the first of the year have been action-packed! If you haven’t been following along at our forums (don’t forget to register your WordPress account today and get in there!), at one of our social media networks, or signed up to our newsletter…you’ve been missing out! Not only have we added two new team members, sampled some music, and published new art, but our test server is officially up and going now, and the updates are going to start coming hard and heavy as the bulk of the team sinks their teeth into full-time coding for the forseable future. 

So let’s start with the recent additions. I briefly mentioned David Bradford in the last blog post, who came on just before the first of the year. He’s a working musician who is composing our soundtrack. We’ve seen great work from him so far, and he’s hard at work getting some themes together for our starter zones as well as working on the opening theme and music for our first trailer, which will be arriving sometime around March.

We have also added our final artist for the time being, 3D specialist Emma Hextall. She’ll be working on concept art for us, as well as helping put together our first official trailer for the game. Beyond that, she’ll be sinking her teeth into working with in-game modeling and overall enhancement of zones, character animations and numerous other things with the rest of the art team.

Joe turned in his concept art for the Dwearhe, a cross between traditional dwarves and stone-golems, and he’s currently working on concept art for the Elenhi and Eldenhi, our two cousin-races of elves.


Beyond art, we’ve also been working on a variety of other projects as the team comes back from the holidays and sinks their teeth back into development. Concept art continues to be turned in, programming is being worked on, mechanics are now finalized and ready to be implemented, and we are moving into compartmentalization mode for the rest of 2015.

What does that mean? Well, it’s simply that we are now splitting up into individual teams more so than we did before and working on individual mini-goals within the agile development process. The art team is wrapping up art for the website and will be moving on to in-game art: weapons, armor, character models, clothing, architecture, zone concepts and the like.

But wait, there’s more! One of the most important updates that we have from the internal team is that our test server is now up and going. Alex has been hard at work on getting the architecture in place over the holidays, and we got word from him the other day that the basic platform is now working, the server is live, the client is making its first baby steps, and we are now moving into the next stage of development.

Server Teaser

Now it’s time to start implementing GUI, and from there we’ll be fleshing out character creation, the login screen, character sheets, skill and mastery sheets, abilities bar, basic combat, and so, so much. The best is absolutely yet to come as we start coding in the mechanics of our game and bringing you the group-based MMORPG that we know you all want to play…and that we can’t wait to play alongside you!

There are a lot of challenges ahead, to be sure. We’ve got at least 30 months of development still on the table, and a long way to go from here. But stick with us…there’s a lot of exciting things that we’ll be sharing with you in the coming weeks and months leading up to our pre-alpha, which is when we’ll be starting our Friends and Family access for those of you who can’t wait to get your fix and help us test this beast and get her polished over the coming years working up to release.