The Dev Team D&D Campaign


The Dev Team D&D Campaign

The streets were empty at this hour of the morning, none but a few stray cats and dogs and rats and the like, accompanied by the random drunkard pissing against the wall of a building, or passed out in the alleyways between. There were at least two more hours to sunrise. The murmuring of crickets carried on the air from behind some random house, muffled by the distance, and the soft placement of feet on cobblestone barley registered above the insects. One by one they passed, mere shadows against shadows in the early hours of the morning, keeping to the edges and eaves of buildings as they moved. A startled dog yelped, then whimpered, then silenced itself as they passed. One of the passing figures paused momentarily, casting a wary glance around to see if the dog had called attention to itself. All was as it should be. The figured continued onward, and soon there was no more evidence of their passing than a bygone breeze….

This October, the Saga of Lucimia developer team is bringing you a new video series. A small group of us will be coming together twice a month to play through a tabletop campaign. We’ll be recording episodes and airing them for the public. We may even stream some of the episodes.

The campaign is set in the current era of Lucimia, and those of you familiar with the lore and the Story So Far will be able to pick up on some easter eggs as we go through.

For us, it’s a nice way to have fun together by pursuing shared interests outside as well. Most of us have played alongside each other by this point in some game or another, but when the Austin get-together happened in June and I ran a short little campaign over a couple of days just for fun, the D&D bug kicked in.

We’re not sure of a title or the exact start date just yet; our only objective for September is getting the new build out, but once that happens we’ll be able to relax a smidge and go adventure a little bit from time to time! Stay tuned for more info!