The Roleplay Police – Enforcing Fantasy Names


The Roleplay Police – Enforcing Fantasy Names

We’ve all seen it. Fancypants Kickyournutz. Rangerdown Izyourboss. Fantazz. Gandalff Puffmaster. On and on the list goes, childish names from players who lack imagination and who aren’t really there to be immersed in a virtual world, but instead are only playing a video game.

And we’ve got good news for those of you who want to keep things “real”. The Saga of Lucimia MMORPG will be a Roleplay Preferred game with an actual naming policy that, yes, we will police on a regular basis. 

There are limitations to this rule. While I’m a firm believer in a naming policy, and I’m a long-term roleplayer at heart (this world was based on a D&D campaign after all), there’s a limit to how far we will go in enforcing names.

When I was playing on the European RP server for Lord of the Rings Online during my time in Bulgaria (2008-2010), I was actively involved in an anti-roleplay-police campaign. While it’s all well and good to police the world for names such as those above, there were certain Roleplay Police (who I lovingly refer to as Roleplay Nazis or Roleplay Terrorists) who took it upon themselves to terrorize players whose names weren’t “Tolkien” enough in their very limited point of view.

This type of behaviour swings too far in the opposite direction. While moderation is necessary to ensure that the names are within the realm of believability as far as fantasy goes, it’s not up to one player or even a group of players to say whether or not a person’s name is “fantasy enough”. This is when we have to strike a balance between moderation and being too strict.

That being said, we plan on starting with the basic element: policing names (and asking the community to help us catch those which fall through the cracks) that obviously violate the fantasy name policy. Asshat Fartblower, Turk Hobbitslayer, and things of this nature.

While we’re absolutely sure that some players will want to abuse the system, reporting other players simply to grief them, we’ll fight those battles as we come to them. And yes, we fully plan on punishing those players who report others simply to grief them.

At the end of the day, the one thing we want more than anything else is a fantasy-themed community of players who play nice with each other and work together to achieve the common goals of the game: consumption of content and overcoming of the game challenges.

We feel that the best way to accomplish that is by keeping things in-tune with a fantasy setting, and by helping players to police the community for those who would disrupt the balance with childish behaviour.

More to come in a future blog post on the play-nice-policy and what we’ll be doing to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to enjoy the game alongside their friends and family without douchebaggery and poop socking getting in the way.