The Story So Far


The Saga of Lucimia is based on a four-book series initially drafted in 2008 by T.W. Anderson. While the overall game section includes the FAQs, lore, races and classes, this section of the website covers the actual chapters of the book series. While some of the content is provided here for readers to catch up on the story so far, the rest of the chapters will be released alongside the overall game development.

Each Volume represents a game release. Volume I is the game we are currently building and will be releasing at the end of our development cycle. Volumes II, III and IV are expansions and will introduce the overall magic system of the world of Lucimia, along with additional races and classes.

While the first few chapters of Volume I were previously available in their first-draft versions, as of this writing (April 2017) they are no longer available as the book goes its final drafts before publication. Once we’ve published, we’ll update the Volume I section with a relevant link.

After that, we’ll start a progress section for each of the subsequent volumes.

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III

Volume IV