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The Saga of Lucimia is based on a four-book series that was initially outlined in 2008, based on a D&D campaign created by Tim “Renfail” Anderson back in the late 90s. While the overall game section includes the FAQs, lore, races and classes, this section of the website covers the actual books.

Volume I is the game we are currently building and will be releasing at the end of our development cycle. Volumes II, III and IV are expansions and will introduce the overall magic system of the world of Lucimia, along with additional races and classes. Each respective novel will be released alongside its accompanying expansion launch, or shortly prior to.

While the first 12 chapters of Volume I were previously available in their first-draft versions, as of 2017 the book has been going through various edits to prepare it for publication, and the chapters were pulled down. As a holiday present for everyone, the prologue and some select chapters are available as of December 2017.

Volume I is currently sitting at 207,000 words spread out over the prologue and 33 chapters.

Volume I

The Prologue
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Volume II

Volume III

Volume IV