What’s New In Early Access #8


What’s New In Early Access #8

It’s been a few months since our last build, and the team has been hard at work bringing you the latest iteration. Before you dig into this post, we’d love it if you take a look at the last blog post from Early Access #7 and take a look at how much things have changed between these two builds…and then look at the previous builds before that to see how things have progressed since we first kicked things off back in 2014. 

Where EA 7 was our “landmark” build, Early Access #8 is our most enhanced alpha version yet. We’ve added multiple layers on top of things, and we’re finally starting to see more than just basic functionality.

Probably the most important aspect of this build is combat effects. These are things like snare, root, haste, slow, damage-over-time abilities, elemental effects, chemical and disease effect, heals and heals-over-time, and so on and so forth. It’s the next stage of our overall combat system, and we also see the first of several defensive-target abilities, such as Shield Wall.

Aesthetically, this version looks a lot smoother than the last build, with a brand new UI that features an expanded inventory system and a new paper doll that includes the Masteries window which can be expanded or folded down at the click of a button. Chat and combat windows are now fully customizable, with the ability to spawn new tabs and filter messages so that you can put all of your combat spam on one tab, for example, and all of your ability spam in another.

What else is new? Let’s take a look at the below screenshot for starters, and then dig into more of the new and updated features that you can look forward to testing in our next alpha test session coming up September 1st – 4th over the Labor Day holiday.

Early Access 8 Stats

Player trading and banking are now in the game, as well as being able to inspect other players. We’ve also added a monetary system, with gold, silver, and copper coins…and yes, they weigh something, which means for those of you who have low strength, you’re going to have to worry about how much coin you are carrying on top of your gear and your loot. This plays into our long-term plans for needing pack animals and eventually carts/wagons/caravans to get your gear from place to place as you explore the realm.

The very first iteration of our questing system is now in place, albeit in an extremely rudimentary form. Simply hail an NPC to see if they have something to say! Note that NPCs will never have an icon over their head in our game telling you who has a quest or not. It’s up to you to explore and find out if someone has something interesting or important to say. In many cases, random NPCs might be speaking about rumors and things going on in nearby areas, but if you don’t listen to the hearsay, you’ll never know what you might have discovered had you only paid attention….

Conversation trees are a very important component in our game, and we’ll be spending a lot of time on this area throughout development. We’ll have plenty of dialogue for players to read through for story and lore purposes, but we’re also working hard to ensure that we have plenty of progressive steps in quests related to the dialogue, such as needing a certain skill to progress the conversation, or needing to know a certain language, or have a specific faction, or etc.

The first iteration of our Masteries and Abilities Journal is in place; here, you’ll find basic descriptions of your ablities, and later on this will be fleshed out to include information about your Masteries and more. Currently, you can simply drag and drop your abilities from the journal onto your combat bar (make sure the bar is unlocked first!) to equip things. Please note that some abilities have requirements (such as needing a sword or axe or bow to use), so be aware!

We’ve got a couple of new zones attached, we’ve enhanced the loot tables and added a slew of new items to the game (including some created by our community members!), and there are quite a few more mobs in terms of variety this time around. AI is still fairly basic, but it’s in an early stage, just like everything else.

The Early Access #8 alpha weekend takes place over the Labor Day holiday. We’ll have the servers up from September 1st until September 4th, and we can’t wait to see our pre-order community in-game!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the Austin Game Conference this September (eight of our team members will be in town, so come hang out if you are in town or around the area)!

Want to take part in our alpha and beta sessions and help us build the Saga of Lucimia? Come join our Early Access community! 

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