What’s New In Early Access #9


What’s New In Early Access #9

As has become the tradition here on the Saga of Lucimia MMORPG, we like to preface each pre-alpha build with a list of new features, while also keeping players focused on the mechanics that we need them testing for a particular iteration. Remember, our early access isn’t a preview or a “let’s play” beta: it’s a testing ground for the game we are building, so nothing you see is permanent, it’s all fairly unpolished and unoptimized, and there will absolutely be bugs and issues. So let’s get right to it. 

This build is heavily focused on combat, and rightfully so. Combat is one of the core elements to our game, along with crafting, but before we get to crafting sphere we have to finish the nuts and bolts of the adventuring sphere.

This latest iteration adds execution times to all abilities, as well as an associated stamina cost: you’ll be testing resource management and timing in this particular build, among other things.

The core concept behind this is that all abilities cost something to execute, and it’s up to you to pay attention to what ability might be best used in any given scenario. Really no different from any other MMORPG out there, where you have a mana pool or action pool of points you have to manage for your abilities.

The way the system currently works is that as you become more proficient at the masteries governing your abilities, the stamina costs for each associated ability will go down over time. One might start out costing you 10% of your stamina pool when you first get it, but over time that might drop to 1% as you become a master of that ability. Currently, abilities do not cost stamina points; you have an overall stamina pool, and abilities cost a percentage of that pool to execute.

On the flip side, there may be some abilities which become more strenuous and demanding over time, requiring more and more of your stamina as they become more powerful. But these will be few and far between; the vast majority of your abilities will have a reduced cost as you get better over time.


There are also a variety of new combat effects, such as snare and root. Please test these and give us your feedback! Note that animation states are not finalized, so things like mobs running in place while they are rooted will be commonplace.

You’ll also notice that all abilities now have a memorization time to load them into your hotbar.

Long-term, the memorization time will decrease for the majority of abilities based upon the level of the mastery that governs said ability; the more of an expert you are at something, the more quickly you can pull it out of your mastery journal to slot it into your hotbar, eventually reducing that time to zero (or near zero) if you are at level 100 of the mastery.

The “why” behind this ties into our style of combat, which is based heavily on pre-encounter strategy and planning. We aren’t a twitch-based game, or an action-style MMORPG, nor are we a game where players are experts at everything under the sun with 500 abilities on their hotbars. Here, you are good at several things, exceptional at a few, and master of only one or two. You need to be taking the time to gauge the surroundings and strategize your combat scenarios prior to leaping into the fray, with the slotting of abilities done prior to any combat scenario, not in the thick of it.

In just the same way that it takes a significant amount of time to switch from a plate breastplate to a leather breastplate, we are limiting how much players can switch “on the fly”. You can still do so during an encounter, but you have to drop out of combat, remove whatever abilities you want to replace, and then slot whichever new ones you want to use. Which means dealing with the associated memorization time.

If you are new at something, this will be slow and cumbersome. If you are a master of something, it will be nearly instantaneous.

Questing is not featured in this build, as we are currently revamping the system.

Boars and stags are tuned so that players with some decent gear and abilities can potentially solo them, but they are meant to be for duos. Bears are tuned for 3-4 players. Everything beyond will need groups of 6-8. If things feel too easy, let us know; we’d like to look at focusing on some balance in the next build now that we have our core combat system in place.

Remember that if you fall in combat, you can either wait for someone to bring you back from the brink, or you can choose to release. If you choose the latter, you will leave a tombstone with all of your gear and will have to make a corpse run. Probably a good idea to make lots of friends so you have help if this happens!

There are new areas to explore! Get out there and find them and share your screenshots and videos with us! And don’t forget…you can stream to your heart’s content, so let us know if you plan on streaming and we’ll be sure to promote it with our social networks and newsletter!

And if you haven’t yet joined the community, let’s celebrate the holidays together!