What’s New, November 25th, 2014


What’s New, November 25th, 2014

First and foremost, I’d like to welcome our two newest members: Alex Drusts and Nick Lepperd. Nick’s going to be working on concept art alonside Joe, as well as getting his fingers dirty with some character modeling down the road, while Alex is going to be leading our C# charge as well as getting into art and eventually helping with our YouTube growth as well, once we start producing more in-game videos.

We’ve produced a few over the past few weeks to give people a taste of what we’ve been working on the past eight months. Now that the zones are completed, we are moving into building placement and “fluff” design of the zones, working on art and overall immersion passes, and eventually we’ll be doing NPC placement and etc. Here’s the latest videos if you haven’t seen them yet (and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!)

So along with the seven zones + three-level dungeon we’ve already created, Joey has been hard at work in the last couple of weeks getting our “tester” zone ready. This is where we’ll be doing code testing for the forseable future, working on combat, casting, game mechanics, the skill system, character creation, the GUI and so on and so forth. Here’s the last rounds of screenshots from there, as well as a Blender shot of one of the buildings that Richard is designing for our starting city, Whitehall.

test training camp scene



So here’s where we are at presently. Richard is working on creating a dozen or so buildings to use for population of our starting city. Alex, Joey, Giovanni, and Nick (Gordner) are working on C# coding. Joe and Nick (Lepperd) are working on more concept art for the website + upcoming chapters in The Story So Far + some special lore blog posts that John has been writing in his spare time, while I’m working on blog posts + recruitment + writing + building placement in the starter city as Richard has buildings completed + the social media management and overall public relations.

We hope to have a playable alpha by around March of 2015 with some of our initial mechanics in place + basic combat and etc., at which point we’ll be opening up our crowdfunding options and merchandise store here at the site + a friends and family alpha series of weekend tests + a forum where you can all start hanging out and getting to know each other and build the community alongside us.

Stay tuned! We’ve got a long ride ahead of us.

Also, we are still hiring. Currently we are looking for C# programmers.

Bear in mind that these captures are from within the Unity game engine. They are *not* polished, they are not optimized, and they are not anywhere close to what the final product will look like. Any objects within a scene are placeholder objects. 

These are merely “proof of progress” to show you guys and girls where we’ve come since March and give you a taste of what you’ll see in the months ahead. 

We are also still only using the free version of Unity; we will be updating to the Pro version in 2015 as we move into actual production of more than just the initial drafts, which is what we’ve been doing while learning the Unity engine.